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Things to do in IIT Kanpur

Hello. Writing a blog post after a long time so it will be a long one,albeit I bet I can keep you hooked till the very end! So ,if you have been reading my previous blogs ,you'd know my academic qualifications.This post is isn't about me.It is about a place where I have spent close to 18 months now,and will be departing from here soon. The time here has been full of life changing events and life has been anything but boring.So to wrap things up,this post is a way of leaving behind the parts of being in an institute of national repute that most people don't talk about. No,I am not going to debunk the placement statistics like popular YouTubers do just to gain some views and make other people feel better about their lives.The truth is, statistics are the easiest way to lie. In this post I am going to write about a few things I and my batch mates have personally experienced (LEGALLY!) over the course of our stay. This list is by no means exhaustive. I've tried to pro
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Finally!!! 2017 Liebster Award Nomination

Once in a while,seeds you sow randomly are the ones that end up giving the most fragrant flower.I recently became a part of a wonderful Facebook group about blogging, and participated in an open poll going on for nominations to Liebster Award 2017. It is a community award that every new blogger dreams of! Here is what this award is all about. Before I Begin,a huge shoutout to Joylee at for nominating me.Her blogs are simple yet catchy and she writes about her journey of motherhood in all its glory.Do check her blog out. Thanks Joylee, <3 from India. LIEBSTER AWARD 2017 QUESTIONS 10 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME: I love music and sleeping,true love! Reading comes and goes ,but what I read sticks with me. I an am ignostic ie I'm indifferent to religion I bake really delicious brownies and cakes At 23,I'm almost a postgraduate.Asians are used to it. My dream job is to be the caretaker of my own panda zoo. I code,a lot! I didnt think I will

No,Artificial Intelligence wont steal your job,ever! Here's why

I cannot fathom the number of times I have heard people go crazy with the thought that their degrees might be useless because hey,someone invented computers and now that's killing humanity.Stop! Just stop right there.Get all the science fiction out of your head and get down to real science.Okay? I get the recent buzz of Indian IT giants citing 'automation' as the reason for job cuts,but Anyone who has been a part of these companies knows that it is nothing but a gimmick.The work in these companies involves clocking hours and quoting the number of trained and available resources at hand for offshore IT projects.I have friends who are working for top IT companies since last 1.5 years and all they do is watch educational videos all day and clock out to maintain those numbers (read manpower).So possibly,the 'job cuts' are a way to compensate for losses incurred during demonetization and GST restructuring. To get into the details of it,Lets start by describing any b

The only eggless chocolate brownie recipe you'll ever need!!

Hey all.Baking has been a hobby for me for a long time,so I'm sharing one of the easiest recipes ,and perhaps the only one you will ever need.It is a master Recipe,so you can modify the quantity and adjust the baking time accordingly. It can even be made in a microwave,be sure to set timers in increments of 2 mins and 1 min after 6 mins pass.The cake in microwave continues to cook for a little while after being taken out,so leave it a little under-done. Picture time!! Clicked from a cellphone ,hence the quality. And here comes the heartthrob! This Recipe is super easy to remember,even I hate having to look up recipes every time. J ust remember the proportions 1-1-1.5-.75-.75 for Flour,Sugar,Liquids(Water or milk),Cocoa and Butter/oil.Add 1 tsp baking power and 1/2 tsp baking soda per cup of flour . Standard teacups are fine. Mix all the dry ingredients,Mix the wet ones and then combine the two.That's it.You can use it to bake cake,cupcakes,brownies (Reduce to flou Review India|| Gifting made simple India

Three days before rakshabandhan 2017,my mom asked me to send rakhi to her brothers living in Mumbai.Originally,she thought we had sent it,but it turned out we hadn't. Given the torrential rains and sky high prices for express delivery,I started looking for options and sites that wouldn't be dealing with high volumes of incoming orders ( Smart,I Know :P) . That is when I came across through ICICI offers page .  The prices were unbelievable,and it offered discount to ICICI customers ,but most importantly it promised next day delivery for no additional cost . I think being based out of Pune was the reason it did. I ordered two  choco lovers rakhi combo, each of which has three chocolates ( Dairy milk silk variants ) and a rakhi. Each combo costed Rs 515/ - which I think is close to market rates.It also gave me an option to include a message,and I added a cute quote.I received the shipping message on the same evening,which is pretty quick.!!. The order was del

Five best Open source (and FREE ) software you should be using already!!

For those of you who do not know what Free and Open Source software is,Google is your friend. [Free = Free speech and not Free Beer]. Its okay,you can read this article without any prior knowledge of open source.All software listed below are free to download,or at least try.Keep in mind that the latest isn't always the best,sometimes going down a version or two can really help with the stability.It may require a little breaking into the new shoes,but the output is definitely worth it.This is not to say that all proprietary software is useless,but its good to know that we have alternatives. 1: No License for Microsoft office?  Use LibreOffice,KOffice or OpenOffice Instead.Its free,stable and has more features and add-ins.Explore before you give up and thank me later 2: Use GIMP ( GNU Image Manipulation Tool)  to "Photoshop" your Photoshop woes.Again,stick with it,you'll be rewarded.And check out Blender if you're into modelling and animation. 3:What?? O

5 new ways to drape your dupatta and scarves this year!

Hey all,attempting my first fashion related post,Do let me know how is it in comments. Scarves are a cheap yet chic way to add an oomph to an everyday outfit,and can be worn in winters as well as summers.It is important to pick a scarf in the way you want to wear it,whether it means picking a scarf as the star and building an outfit around it,or realizing you need to fix a malfunction (pee-a-boo) and add a drape to soften the look.The fabric,print and the color affect how each knot looks,so play around. I scourged through Pinterest one lazy afternoon,and here are my best picks. 1: The half bow: Effortless and sexy.Works well for long as well as short scarves. Courtesy: 2: The Belt-it-up: Closer home,south Indians wear a waistbelt with sarees.Our designers took it up a notch and belted lehenga dupattas were all the rage last season.So pick out an old kurti,belt a short scarf and get ready to rock! Courtesy: